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A Sense of Safety

My ponies have a big barn to shelter in. It has a door at either diagonal corner, so I can shut either door or both. The other two corners have haynets. We've had the doors open during the cold weather because it's healthier but when it rains, I shut the door on the side of the prevailing wind and put a extra haynet in that corner, which prevents the hay from getting wet and going off.

Today I found my ponies out in the wind, just standing there. They were not distressed but not looking especially happy either. I guess constantly being on guard when it's hard to hear in the wind is tough going.

I went off to the barn and shut up the back door, where the wind was blowing through. Within 5 minutes, both ponies had walked down from the paddock, come into the barn and fallen asleep. Just the act of shutting the door so they only had one access to guard, made it a safer solution.

Stay Safe 💨

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