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Biosecurity Policy

Social distancing of 2m will be observed at all times. Where appropriate, you should check with your yard owners that they are happy for Nell to attend.
Clients should prepare their horse for the lesson unaided, and if riding, organise the tack and mount ready for their lesson, unless this has been pre-arranged. Alternatively, you may prefer to let Nell work your horse for the duration of the session on the ground. This should be arranged in advance. If this is the case, Nell will bring her own equipment.
Clients must be non-symptomatic and/or testing negative to Covid-19. Should your situation change between booking a lesson and the lesson day Nell will accept cancellations with no fee providing there is a minimum of 12 hours notice.
All riders must wear their own hats and P.P.E. Body protectors or air jackets should be worn if available.
All lessons must be paid for remotely by BACS, where possible. Details of bank transfer details will be available when booking. 
All lessons will be strictly risk assessed and kept within rider’s competence.
When attending clinics, it is advised that horses are kept 12m apart to avoid transmission of disease. 
It is strongly advised that your horse or pony is vaccinated against the flu virus.
Nell will take all reasonable measures to ensure diseases are not passed from horse to horse via equipment.
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