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Some examples of areas Nell can assist are:
  • Bonding – develop trust and a deeper relationship with your horse
  • Grounding - learn how to be a more reliable human for your horse
  • Energy Work - learn how to communicate at the horse's frequency
  • Practical help with handling issues – loading, leading, vet, farrier, clip
  • Riding help – lack of impulsion, jumping, confidence in the saddle, contact issues, rider position and effectiveness, competition preparation
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If it's your first time and you are unsure about what to expect, we will:
  • discuss any issues that you may have;
  • identify what type of lesson might be suitable for you;
  • look at your horse's behaviours; and
  • make an assessment of why these behaviours are taking place.
During the lesson, I will explain why we are doing certain exercises and how to set you and your horse up for success. I will leave you with a plan for after the lesson to help you keep progressing. Part of my goal is to ensure that I am always available to you for additional support, should you need it.


Price List
Prices depend on what kind of lesson you want, where you live and how many people want to take part. I am happy to teach groups and I can tailor to individual requirements. There may also be a charge for fuel depending on location from my base at Ipplepen, near Totnes. If there are multiple lessons in the same area, the cost of fuel will be split. Discount for lessons at my Ipplepen facility. Please contact me for a quote .
Teaching Days
I offer lessons from Tuesdays through to Saturday. 
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