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"I have great pleasure in recommending Nell to anyone who wishes to further their relationship and skills with their horse. I have known Nell for over four years when I reached out for help with my very pushy partner, aka Syr Ozzy! My daughter and I had just woken up to the fact that the way we were doing things just didn’t work and had decided to give natural horsemanship a go. So, Nell came along and witnessed our predicament, offered great help that included her riding my boy! Nell selflessly referred us for expert help with an expert colt starter and foundation specialist for restarting, something that was integral to the beginning of a better relationship with my horse. Some four years later, Nell continues to support both my daughter and I with regular lessons and exceptional inspiration. She just has a wonderful way with horses and a great way of gently reminding us of some principles of good horsemanship. I would highly recommend any horseman or woman to engage with Nell for support with their horse."

"I find Nell’s way of teaching very beneficial to me personally as she is not only helping to teach my horse but me as well, I found some instructors work so much on just the horse that your own skills are never improved. I also find Nell to be very encouraging in a group environment, I'm finding my confidence where I would have struggled in the past!"
"I'm so grateful to you for your help in turning around the shaky little white pony that couldn't pluck up the courage to go through the yard gate - he is unrecognisable, and so much fun!"

"I have had quite a number of private lessons with Nell. She is quiet and works with great integrity to help me move forward with my horse and the success I have found has brought me great joy. My horse is much less emotional and I feel I have an ally to turn to if I have an issue to solve."
"Without doubt my understanding of my horse has hugely benefited from the lessons. Our progress became much quicker as Nell helped us unravel Hugo's issues. Thanks Nell!!" 
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