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Building Liberty Clinic

The Building Liberty Clinic took place this afternoon in beautiful weather at Flaxbourton. The clinic focused on creating connection with our horses first before asking for something harder. As the clinic went on, participants looked to change the balance of the partnership from passive to a more assertive practice. Each horse had moments where they got stuck on the question and we were able to help each one through their own personal issue by providing them with some more information or time to work it out.


The clinic started with a stick to me exercise - can our horses stay walking or trotting beside us, turn when we turn and stop when we stop. This required both horse and human to stay present in the conversation, rather than disconnect or get distracted when the rope wasn’t available. We moved onto looking at figure of eight at liberty - starting with building draw and then, where appropriate for each horse, moving onto sending them around the cones. It was lovely to see so much progress made in such a short space of time.


The next clinic at Flaxbourton is Yolande Ifold TREC/Working Equitation Obstacles on 26th May - limited places available. Message Nell via WhatApp 07765203012 for a space. A waiting list may be used if necessary.

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