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Don't be afraid to ask for help!

We all need support. It comes in many forms. For most of my clients, this may be a practice or a technique, but it might just be a few words to show that we’ve all been there. I am not immune to these wobbles. These days, most of my issues come from within. The internal voice that tells says you aren’t good enough or you should be doing something else. I am usually pretty good at ignoring them because they are just my alter ego. I actually feel like giving her a name! But sometimes when some or all of the mental, emotional, physical and energetic balance is not right, that voice gets a tiny wedge in and starts to lever away. The hole gets bigger, and then you need to ask for help. I am so lucky to have some amazing, talented people in my life.


I’ve just had a week off. For the first four days, I rested, self-pampered, healed and rested some more. My lovely friend Karen Corbett came and gave myself and the boys a healing session. Shaun is still progressing after his illness and Hugo - well, he and I have some baggage… Cutting a very long story short, he accidentally jarred my back in March and it’s been three months of nearly better, back to square one and so on. Repeat, rinse. Everytime I thought about riding Hugo, my back ached. Karen’s part in this was to rebalance us both and put us back on the path that we needed to be travelling. My part was then to visualise riding Hugo without the pain. It seems to such a simple thing to do but it works. I can now get on and I don’t feel afraid of my back. We can build from here.


Visualisation is one of the tools I introduced in my Better Rider course that I ran in May. I had some great feedback from the six people who took part, particularly knowing you are not alone when things get problematic. I am currently working on how I make this something that more people can access in the future. You can register your interest at:

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