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The Causes of Anxiety

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

I am working with a client at the moment with a very energetic horse who tends to say no as soon as you start the conversation. Being the type of horse he is, he has plenty of energy to put into this! We have discovered that he is not very confident about learning new things, which is likely to be one of the root causes. Changing environments also causes his emotions, and therefore his behaviours, to escalate.

His owner recently asked me if as his attitude to learning improves, is it likely to help him with his anxiety. Here’s my thoughts on that.

“Horses tend to get anxious to varying degrees in five general areas – self-confidence or lack of it, the environment, as a learner, in his leader and among other horses.

Presently, he finds learning stressful because he is not confident in himself as a learner and we also know that new environments trigger stress in him as well. As you progress with him and he learns that there’s a process we are following, he will become more sure of himself and also in you, as you will become a person who is creating stability in his life. Once we get these things more solid, you will be able to take him to new environments and have the same conversations, as well as having the strategies to handle any emotional issues that arise for him.”

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