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Review of Confidence in Riding Clinic 20th April

The sun shone for myself and the four combinations that joined me after the first date had to be cancelled due to Storm Kathleen. What a difference!

We warmed up in the arena, getting used to the space and checking that the horses were all responding to their owners rather than reacting to the environment. Once in the saddle, we checked that the horses were again connected to their riders before playing with some riding in pairs. You may think this sounds really simple but there was some variations in what each horse considered as appropriate personal space, meaning that some combinations took a while to warm to each other. One of the good things about doing this exercise was that it helped people play with this concept in a safe space, rather than learning that it might not be as good as they think in a more pressured environment such as a competition or training event.

We then looked at something that each horse has been working on. First trots in an arena with other horses, first canters, finding rhythm or just working through a moment when the horse thinks its time to quit so see if there's a tiny bit more to offer. I was so proud of everyone - lots of smiles and positive feedback.

The next few clinics are booked up but we still have spaces on the Obstacles Clinic with Yolande Ifold on 26th May -

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