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What does Being Present actually mean?

I had a really interesting conversation with a client this week about energy and intention. She had described how she had taken her horse for a walk and the horse refused to go in the direction that the lady wanted to go but would go in any other direction, even though some of those directions were away from the yard. The direction the lady wanted to go was down the road to a local arena. The horse had never been there before so had no previous knowledge of the location. The only thing the horse knew for sure that the lady wanted to go somewhere different and her intention about this place was different.

I described to her how I can be walking Hugo to my arena, which goes across a field. If I focus on the arena and what I plan to do when I get there, Hugo will stop in the field and refuse to move. If I focus on Hugo, he will walk quietly alongside me. I have experimented with this and it works everytime.

It is perfectly clear to me that if you are not present, some horses just won't show up for you.

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